Sunday, July 26, 2009


Seeking 2 ring-bearers for the evening of October 3rd. Should be able to walk in straight lines, look good in a vest, and enjoy eating cupcakes. Previous experience not required, though being a nephew of Chris and Sarah would be preferred.
Any two people from the photo below would be work.

If you or anyone you know fits this description, please contact chris or sarah as soon as possible.

la petite fille d'honneur

meet zara. flower girl. distinguished niece. little sister of ilan and cas. a curious, perceptive, and nurturing little lady we think she will probably go on to do great work for humanity, though we'd settle for her being the 3rd woman president. chris suspects her of being a tiny wizard with great powers. sarah is excited to have her as part of her bridal party. 

meet dana

Meet Dana. We are so very excited to announce that Dana will be the minister at our wedding! Dana came into our lives when she married Sarah's high school friend & fellow OM participant Sean. We attended their wedding almost 6 years ago on the weekend of the last big new york city black-out. More recently Sean & Dana made a trip to our foggy city of San Francisco, and we had a fantastic time getting reacquainted. It also gave us a chance to talk to Dana about all the amazing work she does for her church and she is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring people we know. Liberal + Activist + Minister = Awesome.
We think you'll agree so we are including a link to her church where you can read (and watch) some of her sermons. 
Thanks Dana!

(dana & sean)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

west coast engagement party

bridesmaid jane and myra
sarah's coworkers (and wedding dress helpers) walter & emily, bridesmaid sarah
sarah, matthew, james, gigi and jane
chris and groomsman matt
groom & bride
matthew and james (who is printing our wedding invitations!)
groomsman spencer

(click any photo to enlarge)

went through about 40 photos from the party trying to find one of Brad, our wedding photographer, but his is obscured in every photo. somehow i doubt this is a coincidence

Friday, July 17, 2009

icing on the cake

i've been emailing with our baker to revise our cupcake flavors
they will include:
sweet & salty caramel
coconut cream
holiday spice (which has orange egg nog buttercream icing)
lemon drop
oopsy daisy (peanut butter & chocolate)

also on order are some delicious pies: bourbon pecan, pumpkin & apple


Accommodations Update

I spoke to Hotel Jolie and they offered me a group rate of $159/night + tax
which is not the best price you can find online for that hotel.
So if you are considering that hotel I'd advise you to get your tickets from:
or use (which searches all sites for the best rate)

For our August trip to new york, we used (which we found through the Kayak website) and booked a room for $154/night after tax.

not too shabby

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Accommodations, Part 2

This option is for the more adventurous at heart.

2. Renting A Loft

You can look into this at: AirBandB

If you use this search website, be sure to specify the dates, "entire place" and "real bed".
Then scroll though the listings and search for Williamsburg.

Here are some examples of listings I found:
$109/night Williamsburg

$395/night Williamsburg

Use the website to contact the apartment owners with questions, read reviews, and be sure to go over the rental agreements & security deposits. Each place is unique in it's arrangement.