Friday, August 14, 2009

Meet Ilan & Casimir- bearers of rings

Meet Ilan. ring bearer. curly-haired 8 year old son of best man matt. has stated that he "mostly likes sitting around". this is, obviously, a clever ruse to insure maximum surprise and effect when he struts into pete's candy store in his custom designed vest and tie. an energetic and strong-willed lad destined to give jude law a run for his money in the looks department, he has been known to break a bone and not let on. for days. you wish you were that tough, but you're not. 

Meet Casimir.  ring bearer. winner of The Longest Eyelashes on Planet Earth contest six years running. cas is an often quiet, reserved gentleman who has written his uncle chris' most favorite ever book about the devil. when not giving the impression that he may likely grow up to paint beautiful pictures while simultaneously penning extraordinarily thoughtful poetry, he is running around like a monkey with his older brother Ilan and younger sister zara.

(boys, forgive us this outdated image. it's just too endearing to pass up)

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